LIFE AT WORK - 2017 Winners

Congratulations 2017 Winners

Congratulations to all winners who have pioneered best practices in their own respective industries in creating increasingly diverse, inclusive and family-friendly workplaces.

Best Malaysian Organisation

CIMB Group

  • Embraces equality of opportunity where employees, men and women alike – are free to pursue career prospects within the organisation.
  • dual-industry career opportunity programme where graduates are able to try different things from two industries in a structured programme while enjoying career stability, and the freedom to choose their employers of choice at the end of the programme. This initiative breaks conventions in recruitment, talent development and cooperation among employers.
  • Workplace Wellness programme to support employees and their families, focused on aspects such as Flexible Work Arrangements, Women Empowerment, Health Programme, and Financial Wellbeing.
  • Introduced a one-month paternity leave for fathers with a firstborn.

Best International Organisation

PwC Malaysia

  • NextGen programme launched to groom future leaders and to enhance the Professional attributes. It also aims to improve engagement levels and create a ‘bridge’ linking firm-wide initiatives, and to promote cross department collaboration.
  • Gender Bender event organised to address gender stereotypes and provide opportunities for discussion and reflection for both men and women. The main objective is to have a safe environment to help people realise that all people have biases and how to address them.
  • Hiring of People with Disabilities to provide equal career opportunities in talent sourcing.

Best Lean Organisation

IHS Markit

  • Great Place to Work which acts as voices of employees. It collaborates with other pillars (e.g. Corporate Sustainability, Fun Club) to ensure employees’ voices from across generations are heard.
  • Pilot of Gender Mainstream Management which will contribute towards a gender-sensitive organisation where solidarity, opportunities and responsibilities are shared by women and men in equal measure and promote gender equality.
  • The organisation shows gradual improvement in greater awareness on women empowerment which results in higher representation of women at management level. They have also implemented a diverse panel into their hiring process, and is currently piloting a new programme using scientific profiling approach via Emergenetics Selection Program into the hiring process.

CEO Champion

Albern Murty, Digi Telecommunications

  • The winning CEO is recognised for championing and committing to the Diversity & Inclusion agenda, and successfully integrates diversity & inclusion into business as well as people development.

Special Mention

PwC Malaysia

  • The Human Library is a platform for employees to have conversations with volunteers who have been subjected to discrimination and stereotypes. The initiative assists the employees to dismiss assumptions and stereotypes that people have through unconscious biasness based on race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, education or background.

Special Mention

Shell Business Operations Kuala Lumpur

  • Employee Assistance Program is a confidential counselling service for employees with problems which negatively affect their job performance, and is extended to employees’ family members who seek similar support.
  • Phased Retirement begins to equip employees 10 years prior their retirement transition period to ensure the employees are supported with financial management knowledge, post Shell career opportunity awareness programs via the “Life After Shell” initiative.

Special Mention

Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings

  • Digital Hiring Process leverages on artificial intelligence to remove recruiter and hiring manager’s bias and allows for blind shifting.

Special Mention

Wong & Partners

  • Extending employment beyond retirement age. The organisation offers contractual basis employment to their long-time employees who wish to continue working beyond retirement age. These employees can still enjoy equal treatment for job training, insurance coverage and other general employee benefits such as inclusion in all the organisation’s activities.