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Frequently Asked Questions


The LIFE AT WORK AWARDS (LAWA) is the most comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) award framework in Malaysia that recognises organisations who have championed the DEI agenda with the aim to:

  • future-proof their WORKFORCE to ensure sustainability of business.
  • make their organisation a better, safer and more inclusive WORKPLACE
  • support employees’ WORK advancement for the Future of Work (FoW),
    workforce and workplace.

2. What is the eligibility criteria for organisations to participate in LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023?

Organisations must be:

  • Established in Malaysia and is registered with Company's Commission of Malaysia with a registration number.
  • Able to showcase workplace strategies that demonstrate drive, commitment, and tenacity to champion the DEI agenda.

3. What types of organisations can participate in the LIFE AT WORK Awards in 2023?

The LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023 is open to all organisations, irrespective of size or sector

4. May we participate if our organisation has previously participated in this award?


5. How do I submit the application?

Click here to register and login online for submission.

6. How many entries may I submit?

Only one (1) entry form is permitted for each organisation/ subsidiary.

7. Can I submit the answers using document?

All applications must be submitted online at here

8. Can I use abbreviations in my answers?

We advise against using abbreviations, to avoid any potential form of inaccurate interpretation during judging.

9. I have submitted my application; can I retrieve back and edit the application?

Yes, you may login and edit the application.

10. Is there any application fee to participate in the LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023?

There is no participation fee required.

11. How many award categories are there in LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023?

There are six (6) awards categories:
  1. Overall Best in Organisation
  2. CEO Champion
  3. CHRO Champion
  4. Promising Young HR
  5. Best Leadership Team
  6. Outstanding Practices
For more information, refer this link

12. When is the deadline to submit an entry for the LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023?

The deadline to submit a complete entry, is 31 August 2023 at 11.59pm GMT+8

14. Who are the judges for the LIFE AT WORK Awards 2023?

The judging panel for the awards consist of experts from various organisations, with a diverse set of expertise coming from the government, multinational organisations, GLCs, SMEs and many more.

15. What are the judging criteria?

The participating organisation will be scored according to how well it adheres to the sub-criteria, refer to the link

16. When can I find out about the results?

The results of the awards will only be announced during the Awards ceremony.

17. Is the information provided by organisations private and confidential?

Yes, all information provided is confidential and will be used for judging sessions.

18. My question isn’t addressed here. Whom can I call or email to seek clarification?

You can email to

For any enquiries, you can reach out to our team

13. When and where is the LIFE AT WORK Award Event day?

The Awards Event will be in October 2023. The venue and date will be disclosed closer to the date.

The LIFE AT WORK Awards is an initiative by TalentCorp to celebrate and recognise employers with progressive workplace strategies that demonstrate their commitment to the DEI agenda.

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