Life at Work – 2014 Winners

Congratulations 2014 Winners

Congratulations to all winners who have pioneered best practices in their own respective industries in creating increasingly diverse, inclusive and family-friendly workplaces.

2014 Awards Winners

Primary Item (H2)

Malaysian Organisation


  • Female representation stood at 15% in 2009 and has since grown to 31% of women in senior management positions in 2013, resultant of an enabling work climate and “people dashboard” discipline monitoring.
  • Flexible work arrangements availed on a case-to-case basis prior to 2013, since formally adopted as a policy and communicated groupwide covering fixed flexible schedule, flextime, flexible work location and conversion to part-time employment.
  • Women Mentor Women Programme (WMW) support platform successfully launched for women leaders to accelerate their development and growth.
  • 52% of participants from all the leadership development programmes from junior to the very senior levels are women.
  • Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre, the first of its kind to operate on purely emergency basis in Malaysia, catering to a wider community of staff.

International Organisation

Shell Malaysia

  • Shell in Malaysia has recruitment targets to hire females in technical and commercial skillpool which is in line with global targets.
  • Senior Women Connect (SWC) is a global Shell network to help senior women support each other with gender specific leadership challenges.
  • Option of virtual work arrangements for new parents can be discussed with line managers.
  • A private room for nursing mothers with multiple cubicles, equipped with breast pump, steriliser, refrigerator, wash basins and lockers.
  • Career break between three months and three years for personal development or family needs, with continuous contractual relationship with the company.

Lean Organisation

PepsiCo Malaysia

  • Current general manager (GM) is the first local woman GM for Malaysia.
  • Advancement of women jointly driven by both female and male leaders who hold KPIs which include diversity and inclusion targets.
  • “One Simple Thing” programme encourages employees to request for simple arrangements that would make work-life easier, which is linked to the manager’s performance ratings.
  • Online cultural awareness training and cultural calculator tool for employees to build their own cultural profile.
  • Annual people planning process identifies female bench strength for key roles, development plans and critical experiences required.

New Initiative

BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre

  • Flexibility@Work allows flexible choices including arriving at work anytime between 7am and 10am and working from home.
  • Top management gender diversity ratio increased to over 60% since 2011.
  • Analytics used tounderst and demographics of promotees. More than50%ofpromotes inthe second quarter of 2014 arewomen.
  • Job sharing pilot implementation has led to the recruitment of seven women returnees.
  • Qualified people who voluntarily leave their careers for a period of time are encouraged to re-enter the workforce.

Making a Difference

Siemens Malaysia

  • Globally, Siemens established Global Leadership Organisation of Women (GLOW) to increase the proportion of women holding management and leadership positions.
  • In Malaysia, Siemens launched the “PRIDE@Siemens” programme, with its key initiative – “Work from Home” – to promote employee engagement and improve retention rates.
  • Through the Diversity Ambassador Network, Siemens appoints Diversity Ambassadors to firmly anchor diversity awareness as part of company culture.
  • Attrition rate dropped from 14% in 2011 to 8% in 2013.

CEO Champion

Sridharan Nair PwC Malaysia

  • Ensures women are represented in PwC executive board, appointed a woman leader for largest business unit.
  • Drives diversity and inclusion agenda for PwC Malaysia and increased people engagement index by 7% in the last two years.
  • As head of PwC Malaysia’s Talent Development Council, he ensures female talents are well represented, which is currently 47% of the firm’s key talent pool.
  • Enhanced flexible work arrangements by introducing FlexSpace, Flex-Benefits and Flex-Wear (jeans on Fridays).
  • Increased maternity leave to three months and paternity leave to three days.
  • Introduced Back2Work programme with a flexible work arrangements package to opt for 2.5 days to four days work week.
  • Pioneered The (W)omentum Programme to support potential women talents progressing to directorship.

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